Our Dialogue with the Public Sphere

Regulations with a potential impact on our business are multiplying and becoming increasingly complex. In this context, public affairs involves explaining Lafarge’s positions on key issues to political authorities and stakeholders and participating transparently in the development of legislation affecting our activities.


Helping public authorities to understand our challenges

To ensure our long-term development, we must anticipate the major issues linked to our activities: environment, buildings' lifecycle, urbanization, etc.

However, our business, political and regulatory environment is constantly changing and becoming more complex. It is therefore becoming more and more difficult for political authorities and the relevant stakeholders to understand the challenges we are facing.

That is why our Public Affairs team plays such a crucial role. Its responsibilities involve:

  • Informing the public authorities about the consequences and practical scope of legislation and political decisions under discussion.
  • Contributing transparently to public policies and legislation, while promoting Lafarge's vision and that of our industry in general.
  • Participating in public debate on current affairs impacting Lafarge's activity, through conferences, working groups, public inquiries and public consultations.

Responsible and proactive lobbying

Our Public Affairs team carries out transparent lobbying of public authorities and players in our sector. These activities are based on:

  • Lobbying Charter, defining the general framework for carrying out lobbying at all levels of the organization.
  • Our Principles of Actions, Code of Business Conduct and sustainable development strategy.
  • The Joint Declaration by Transparency International France, signed in 2014 with other companies.

We play an active role in professional associations and circles of influence to promote Lafarge's interests and benefit from their influence in the public sphere. 
In relation with topics impacting our activities, we also contribute to developing the public positions of associations of which we are a member and which we support.