Lafarge decorative sands & aggregates

Red, yellow, blue or white, our decorative sands and aggregates give color to cement and concrete. Permeable, durable and easy to maintain, they can be used for aesthetic or architectural projects, but also for nice parks, driveways or children playgrounds. Cities will be able to make themselves beautiful!

Lafarge decorative sands for pedestrian walkway

They are sands or gravel whose colors or shapes are appreciated for their decorative properties. They include red, pink, blue and yellow gravel and sands, their colors varying depending on the region and on the specific rock deposit.


Gravel and sands have natural properties. They are:

  • permeable, allowing water to flow through,
  • as resistant as traditional aggregates,
  • durable and easy to maintain,
  • stable and rot-proof.


They can be used for:

  • driveways,
  • gardens, to limit the spread of plants,
  • manufacturing decorative concretes,
  • sand trays, due to their rounder grains, avoiding the risk of cuts.


Some decorative aggregates can also be used in the composition of Lafarge's aesthetic concretes, such as Artevia®.