Contribute to more durable cities

Resisting time and natural disasters and reducing their environmental impact are major challenges for cities. Our constructive solutions and systems contribute to stronger and long-lasting buildings and infrastructure, whilst reconciling environmental concerns, in particular the energy efficiency of buildings and water preservation.


Our contribution

Sustainable cities are not only cities with parks and gardens and which protect the environment. They are also durable cities that can resist the passage of time and stand up to natural disasters.

That's why we offer solutions to construct buildings and infrastructures which last and protect their inhabitants. Concrete is our best asset: strong, natural and maintenance-free, it endures through the years. And in the event of earthquakes, cyclones or seawater corrosion, we can further increase its strength and resistance with our special enhanced performance products.

We are also developing innovative building solutions and systems that help conserve water and energy resources and reduce carbon emissions:

  • We have improved the natural thermal qualities of concrete with the ultra-high performance concrete-based thermal breaker (Ductal®) and the Thermedia® range, which provides six times more insulation than a traditional concrete.
  • We also offer Hydromedia™ pervious concrete, which absorbs stormwater and helps natural runoff soak into the ground. It reduces the risk of flooding for pedestrians and drivers.

And soon motorists will be able to drive through tunnels without worrying about concentrations of nitrogen dioxide emissions thanks to our promising prototype for anti-pollution concrete!

The new Ginko eco-neighborhood in Bordeaux combines comfort, community life and a reduced environmental footprint. Its buildings deliver high levels of energy savings as a result of excellent thermal and acoustic insulation achieved using special concretes from Lafarge.
What if concrete could help cut buildings’ electricity bills and make cities greener and more sustainable? With our range of insulating concretes Thermedia®, it is possible. Their formulation improves insulation and energy performance of residential buildings and office space by reducing heat loss.
Gone are the cities with roads and sidewalks covered with water during heavy rainfalls! Our new pervious concrete Hydromedia™ facilitates the flow of rainwater into the subsoil and reduces the risk of flooding in parking lots, driveways, sport grounds... Besides, it is easier to implement and stronger than ordinary pervious concrete!
Discover Ductal®, our UHPC with unmatched qualities of durability, aesthetics and resistance! Its performances allow a wide range of applications, from the most demanding structural ones (bridges, walkways, stairs, roofs), to the most creative (design), through the most iconic architectural works (walls, latticework). With Ductal®, cities can’t go unnoticed anymore!
Specially designed for interior floors subject to heavy vehicle traffic and high mechanical loads (car parks, industrial facilities), our concrete Extensia® allows you to make long-lasting slabs highly resistant to wear and impact. And thanks to its formulation, buildings can be put into service quickly.
Aggneo™, our range of high quality aggregates processed from recycled concrete, gives a second life to demolition waste! With a sourcing close to the worksites and the most demanding quality control, our recycled aggregates Aggneo™ offer a high level of performance and use less natural aggregates for civil engineering projects, housing, offices... A key for more sustainable cities!
Cements with less clinker and less CO2 emissions, but with high level mechanical performance and great workability: this is the combination provided by our lower carbon footprint cements. Not to mention they also improve the long-term strength of concrete for constructions, buildings and infrastructure that last longer!
How to source quality sand when natural resources are scarce? Use Lafarge reconstituted sands, which offer quality and fineness equivalent to natural sand. Manufactured everywhere, they can improve the strength of concrete. An ideal solution for homes, bridges and roads that last longer and are environmentally friendly. In short, for more sustainable and durable cities!