Contribute to more beautiful cities

Exceptional buildings, elegant public edifices, harmonious shapes, colors and textures... to help build more beautiful cities, we offer concrete solutions that inspire and allow the boldest constructions!


Our contribution

Concrete is a material for creation that turns the most extraordinary architectural audacity into reality. It can take unique shapes, mould into delicate structures and a variety of textures and colors, while providing a high level of performance.

Lafarge's innovation has resulted in a wide range of concretes forming a pallet of attractive and inspirational solutions:

  • Our ultra-high performance concretes (Ductal®), our "haute couture" concretes, which combine outstanding performance and exceptional strength with great slenderness, allowing breathtakingly original designs.
  • Our Artevia® decorative concretes range embellish buildings and public spaces with colors and textures.
  • Our self-placing and self-leveling concretes (Agilia®) allow technical and aesthetic prowesses, while offering a particularly smooth finish... and remarkably quick and effortless application!

Such solutions enable architects to design and create distinctive buildings, to make functional amenities like hospitals, airports and stadiums architecturally special, and to preserve architectural heritage.

All this creativity helps to make each city a unique, desirable and a pleasant place to live in!

A beautiful façade for the new Louis Vuitton “Maison” store in Miami, Florida has a unique, seamless appearance like a white screen catching the sunlight. This artistic creation was achieved using a combination of flat and curved white Ductal® UHPC panels that are just 25 mm thick and produced in two different patterns to mimic the iconic Louis Vuitton flowers.
Discover Ductal®, our UHPC with unmatched qualities of durability, aesthetics and resistance! Its performances allow a wide range of applications, from the most demanding structural ones (bridges, walkways, stairs, roofs), to the most creative (design), through the most iconic architectural works (walls, latticework). With Ductal®, cities can’t go unnoticed anymore!
Artevia® is the do-it-all decorative concrete! Colors, surface finishes, exterior or interior: its range can give free rein to your boldest aesthetic and architectural projects! In addition, it is quick to use, easy to maintain, resistant to wear and fits all types of shapes, even the most complex. This is the solution to beautify cities!
Red, yellow, blue or white, our decorative sands and aggregates give color to cement and concrete. Permeable, durable and easy to maintain, they can be used for aesthetic or architectural projects, but also for exquisite parks, driveways or children playgrounds. Cities will be able to make themselves beautiful!
To achieve architectural and aesthetic projects that make cities more beautiful, our white cements are a perfect solution. Based on advanced technology, they can produce white precast concrete for urban furniture, flooring or structural elements, but also white or colored mortar that give character to the facades of houses and buildings.