Contribute to better connected cities

City-dwellers want to get around easily and rapidly in town and between towns and cities. Bridges and tunnels, roads and railroads, in airports and stations: our solutions are used for most transport infrastructures, improving connection throughout cities!


Our contribution

Getting round the city more quickly and more easily, from home to work or from one district to another, and traveling to other cities are needs shared by the inhabitants of many categories of cities.

To make journeys in town easier, we supply solutions that are used to build solid, sustainable and easy-to-maintain infrastructure.

Throughout the world, our cements, aggregates and concretes help make cities better connected: they are used for building the tram and metro lines, highways and railways, bridges and tunnels, ports, stations and airports that keep people moving and help inhabitants save time every day.

On large-scale projects, we mobilize all our logistics and scientific resources to provide continuous delivery of our special purpose products in large quantities, when necessary on a 24/7 basis.

Inside and outside cities, standing water can cause accidents on roads, sidewalks and driveways, but also floods during heavy rains. With Capillia™, our range of aggregates for urban drainage systems, it's a thing of the past! By facilitating the flow of rainwater on public roads, Capillia™ makes cities safer, more durable and more respectful of the water cycle.
Gone are the cities with roads and sidewalks covered with water during heavy rainfalls! Our new pervious concrete Hydromedia™ facilitates the flow of rainwater into the subsoil and reduces the risk of flooding in parking lots, driveways, sport grounds... Besides, it is easier to implement and stronger than ordinary pervious concrete!
Specially designed for interior floors subject to heavy vehicle traffic and high mechanical loads (car parks, industrial facilities), our concrete Extensia® allows you to make long-lasting slabs highly resistant to wear and impact. And thanks to its formulation, buildings can be put into service quickly.