Concrete overview

The fourth-largest ready-mix concrete producer in the world, Lafarge supplies construction and public works projects worldwide, with a growing presence in emerging markets. Led by a world-class research and development lab, we have created the most comprehensive range of concrete products on the market. From conventional to ultra-high-performance concretes, our products are designed to meet our clients' most stringent demands.


* Data combining concrete + aggregates


Details on Lafarge Concrete Business (2014 annual report) (pdf, 102.52 KB)


Strategic outlook

  • Global market trends
    • The global concrete market is highly decentralized due to concrete's need to be transported quickly from production plant to construction site, which favors local producers and a few international players like Lafarge.
    • Concrete demand and production are increasing in emerging markets, and we are rapidly expanding our operations in Africa, the Middle East and Asia to meet this demand.
  • Lafarge strategy
    • We drive synergies and vertical integration across all markets between our Lafarge concrete, aggregates and cement businesses in order to ensure we serve our customers worldwide with strong value-added and efficient solutions, whatever their needs and requirements.
    • Our plant geography is optimized to ensure flexible delivery, product capacity and backup capability.

Products, solutions and projects

Thanks to our technical concrete expertise, we have developed the widest range of concrete products, solutions and services:

  • Conventional concrete
  • Value-added concretes for specific applications: Agilia® for fluidity, decorative Artevia®, Chronolia® for efficiency, ultra-high performance Ductal®, pervious HydromediaTM, etc.
  • Services such as placing & finishing and mobile ready-mix plants, specially designed for our customers' major international worksites.
  • Technical support and consulting along with testing facilities and labs.

Construction companies, precasters, or architects... Whoever our clients and their sector (infrastructures, collective & individual housing, buildings, affordable housing, oil & gas, etc.), we cover all of their specific needs. We supply materials solutions for construction projects both large and small, from those that transform a city's makeup to those that transform a family's life.