Code of Business Conduct

For Lafarge, courage, integrity, responsibility and respect for others are essential values. They are the cornerstones of the Group's management policy.


Establishing a climate of confidence

The Code of Business Conduct extends from the Principles of Action. The purpose of the Code is to establish certain rules of good conduct:

  • for all Lafarge Group employees,
  • for the representatives, corporate officers, consultants and other external service providers of the Group or various entities.

Each employee must respect this code.





The Code of business conduct’s 6 basic rules

  1. Comply with laws and regulations
  2. Prevent conflicts of interest
  3. Respect people and the environment
  4. Protect the Group's assets
  5. Maintain financial transparency
  6. Focus on the importance of internal controls and audits

Lafarge organizes training courses covering the various principles of the Code of Business Conduct.

  • Code of Business Conduct [GRI G4-DMA: public policy] (pdf, 672.23 KB)
  • Summary of essential rules relative to the laws governing competition (pdf, 128.05 KB)

The competition rules

The Group has always been committed to preserving healthy, vigorous and fair competition and complying with the respective competition legislation. That's why the competition compliance program is part of the Group's Code of Business Conduct.

The program outlines essential rules such as :

  • managing relations with competitors, customers and suppliers,
  • working in an environment where the Group has a dominant position,
  • mergers, acquisitions and joint ventures,
  • managing relations in professional associations,
  • oral and written communication.

Competition compliance program (pdf, 171.92 KB)