Close-knit teams

Lafarge has locations throughout the world and has developed a culture of decentralization. The Group is characterized by its international scope and multi-local close-knit teams.


An international group

Geographical breakdown of Group employees (12/31/2013)

Joining an international group like Lafarge offers a number of advantages:

  • a culture of internal mobility creates opportunities for a career abroad,
  • cultural diversity within the Group leads to personal growth and an understanding of different ways of working.

At Lafarge, "international" is more than a buzzword. The distribution of the Group's workforce around the world shows the wide-ranging approach we take to production. In fact, all of our products are manufactured locally.
Figures as of 12/31/2013


A decentralized Group where everyone takes responsibility

Decentralization is a core element in our multilocal organization. The Group is founded on country unity in which the performance of each employee matters.
For example, a Lafarge cement plant is an industrial asset worth around 200 million euros. Thanks to automated manufacturing and control processes, it can be operated by around 100 people. These entities are run by close-knit teams where you will rapidly take on responsibilities and your initiatives can quickly be put into practice.