#Climattitude: the right attitude regarding climate for Lafarge


A debate for climate


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The objective of Paris 2015 Conference (or COP21) -which will take place at Paris in December 2015- is to reach a new international agreement on climate (see box). With this conference in prospect, Bruno Lafont, Lafarge CEO, and Nicolas Hulot, the French President's Special Envoy for Planet Protection, took part in a debate organized on February 11th by Communications Agency Havas Paris on the following theme: "Is a new international agreement on climate realistic? What will be the role of French companies?" They debated on major stakes of COP21: what expectations can we have? What impact for companies? How can they contribute to the decision process? What business solutions to fight climate change? Etc.


Minutes of the climate debate (in French) (pdf, 0 bytes)

Video only available in French

The Lafarge "Climattitude"

'Climattitude' carried at the top level

"Climattitude" is also a commitment displayed by the Group's CEO, Bruno Lafont, at the highest level of the national, European and worldwide organizations:

  • at international level: Bruno Lafont is co-chairman of the Cement Sustainability Initiative (CSI) and Energy Efficiency in Building (EEB) initiative run by the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD), and a member of the Executive Committee of the WBCSD; 
  • at European level: he chairs the Energy and Climate Change working group of the European Round Table of Industrialists (ERT), a forum of fifty chief executives and chairmen of major European companies in industry and technology;
  • in France, he is Chairman of the Sustainable Development Commission of the Medef, the French employers' federation. 

Climate change is a major topic for Lafarge, both as a cement producer and an active player of the construction value chain. The building sector alone is responsible for nearly 30% of the global CO2 emissions. That is why we engage in finding innovative solutions to reduce our CO2 emissions within production processes, but also in creating products that enable better energy efficiency in buildings, or in promoting within the Group and beyond what we define as the right "climate attitude": the "Climattitude".

For Lafarge, "Climattitude" is a mindset that brings together a range of our initiatives to fight climate change:


  • Reducing our direct and indirect CO2 emissions per ton of cement, with industrial performance as well as research & development programs, or with the use of renewable energies.
  • Contributing to the reduction of overall emissions of a growing urban society, through construction solutions which improve building energy efficiency and through building better cities, more compact and more durable;
  • Contributing in a collaborative and responsible way to the public debate on energy, climate and innovation (see box).