Cement overview

Lafarge is a world leader in cement production. Forming the historic core of Lafarge's portfolio, cement accounted for 67% of the Group's turnover in 2014. Combining cutting edge R&D innovation and a large selection of cement products, we supply materials solutions for construction projects both large and small, whatever the sector or geographical location, with significant growth in emerging markets.

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Cement Trading

To meet fluctuations in demand, we also manage cement trading activities through our subsidiary Cementia Trading AG. This ensures our ability to fill orders on-demand in many countries without building cement plants that could result in excess capacity.


Details on Lafarge Cement Business (2014 annual report) (pdf, 136.7 KB)


Strategic outlook

  • Global market trends:
    • Over the past twenty years, worldwide cement consumption has grown above 5% per year on average.
    • Emerging markets (Central and Eastern Europe, Asia, Middle East & Africa, Latin America) currently represent 90% of the world market, while North America and Western Europe make up the remaining 10%.
  • Lafarge's strategy:
    • The Group is in a very good position to benefit from this long-term fundamental growth thanks to its well diversified geographical portfolio.
    • We have a strong presence in emerging markets, accounting for 60% of the Group's sales in 2014. We have strengthened our industrial capacities through the acquisition of Orascom in 2008 and by opening new production lines in Russia and India in recent years.

Products, solutions and projects

We have developed a unique and wide range of cements to meet our customers’ specific needs for quality, consistency, superior strength and environmental performance.

Whether it be Portland cement, specialty cements for specific applications (building, infrastructure, affordable housing, oil & gas, masonry and mortars) or low-carbon cements, all our products and solutions have been used in many construction projects worldwide, across all sectors: roads, bridges, airports, collective housing, office buildings, oil & gas wells, etc.

This is how we contribute to building better cities.