Capillia™, Lafarge aggregates for urban drainage systems

Inside and outside cities, standing water can cause accidents on roads, sidewalks and driveways, but also floods during heavy rains. With Capillia™, our range of aggregates for urban drainage systems, it's a thing of the past! By facilitating the flow of rainwater on public roads, Capillia™ makes cities safer, more durable and more respectful of the water cycle.


Capillia™ is a range of Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems (SuDs) sub-base aggregates that are used in and compliment the variety of systems available in the market today. Rainfall drains through the pervious pavement and filters into the sub-base, either slowly draining into the ground below or stored in the sub base for reuse, preventing pooling on the surface..


Capillia™ sub-base materials for SuDs are widely available. Thanks to its network of sites and locations, Lafarge provides:

  • 2-6mm;
  • 4-20mm;
  • 4-40mm;
  • 10-63mm.
  • 0-40mm (Open Graded).


The sub-bases are laid in a 150mm-450mm thick layer under a variety of pavement offerings:

  • Paving slab,
  • Asphalt and concrete for parking spaces,
  • Pedestrian foot paths,
  • Pedestrian walking areas
  • Roads for light vehicles.


The 2-6mm has dual purpose as this can also be used as brushing-in grit.