Canada - Promoting women employment


In Canada, Lafarge and the charitable organization "Women Building Futures" work together in a recruitment and training program on truck driving, dedicated to women. An innovative initiative in line with the Group 2020 Sustainability Ambitions.



  • Fighting the difficulty to find qualified driver candidates in the Province of Alberta ;
  • Developing diversity by training women and developing their interest in mixer truck driver positions;
  • Acting in favour of female employability in the construction industry.


The Canadian Province of Alberta is in a period of nearly full employment. However, the flipside of the coin is that it is challenging to recruit and retain drivers in the construction sector.

Therefore, Lafarge partnered with a charitable organization that works to help women build better lives and achieve economic independence, "Women Building Futures", in order to develop a training program on driving readymix trucks dedicated to women. Targeted audience: underemployed women, motivated and attracted by the construction ‘non traditional' professions which historically have seen a lower level of participation.

The training session lasts 5 weeks including 2 weeks behind the wheel. Special attention is also paid to the presentation of ‘habits and customs' of the construction sector: attitudes and behaviours, employer and customers' expectations, safety standards and culture.


Launched in 2011, this program is now a key element of Lafarge's recruitment process in Alberta. On average 10 applicants per year are trained. More than the half of them are then recruited by Lafarge and the others find a job at another concrete producer. The new recruits are quickly integrated and warmly welcomed by their male colleagues.

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