Canada - Lafarge volunteers reach out to a local school


Teams from Lafarge in Canada have been volunteering for several years at a school in a deprived area of Winnipeg, where their support has allowed the development of a number of extra-curricular activities for the pupils and their families.



  • Foster stronger relations with local stakeholders;
  • Provide employees with a meaningful way of giving back to the local community.


For the past several years employees from Lafarge in Western Canada have been volunteering at Norquay School in Winnipeg. Volunteers help with the Family and Schools Together program, Numeracy and Literacy evenings. They also provide support at other events organized by the school, such as Christmas activities and school field trips. 

On average, employees provide hands-on help to the school around 20 times a year and receive an extra vacation day per year to give back to the community.


This long term partnership has created a unique bond between Lafarge staff and the community of Winnipeg. This commitment to the community has received formal recognition from the Province of Manitoba, through the Premier's Volunteer Service Award.