Cameroon – Lafarge volunteers help to improve Douala’s roads

Cement / Cameroon

Lafarge employees in Cameroon participated in restoring the roads in a neighboring area of our grinding plant in Douala. They used the production waste from the plant to reinforce the dirt roads, thus contributing to improve populations’ living conditions.



  • Recycling production waste
  • Ensure that roads could be used even when it rains
  • Avoiding important road deviations for inhabitants
  • Slow down the deterioration of other roads
  • Facilitate rainwater drainage
  • Improve the daily living conditions of the local population


The roads linking the different areas within Douala's fourth district in Cameroon were deteriorating, with many holes appearing in the ground. Related health and safety risks were also increasing.

Lafarge in Cameroon therefore decided to take action in partnership with the municipality and some sub-contractors. Around twenty employees from Lafarge dedicated two days to filling the holes and reinforcing the roads, thus helping to improve the daily living conditions of the populations. 

Production waste from the plant was used to fill the holes. These materials made it possible to stabilize the soil and make it more resistant to rain. As a first step, volunteers drained the stagnant water and then leveled the road. The backfill material was then poured into the holes, the material leveled and the ground compacted.


This project helped to improve living conditions for local residents and facilitate traffic flow in the area.