Brazil - Reducing water consumption

Aggregates & Concrete 


Lafarge put into place a number of measures to reduce water consumption at its aggregates and concrete sites in Brazil, resulting in savings of 24% in the first year.



  • To reduce water consumption by 10% at the Group's aggregates & concrete sites in Brazil, using just 250 liters of water per m³ of concrete produced.


Lafarge took a number of actions in Brazil to reduce water consumption at its aggregates and concrete sites. These included:

  • Asking every employee and subcontractor to sign a ‘water letter', committing them to reducing their consumption
  • Increasing rainwater harvesting and wastewater recycling at all 50 sites, including quarries and concrete plants
  • Reducing the volume of water tanks used for cleaning the plant's mixers from 700 to 250 liters.


Employees' children were also involved. They were organized into water brigades and asked to produce a weekly report on water saving tips. They were also tasked with disseminating water information at their schools.


  • Water consumption at our aggregates & concrete sites in Brazil fell by 24%, instead of the 10% initially targeted.
  • In total, 81 million liters of water were saved in the first year - enough to supply a city of 50,000 inhabitants for eight days!
  • This initiative to promote the sustainable use of water was recognized by the Brazilian Ministry of Mines and Energy.