Brazil - "Na Obra", the Lafarge training program dedicated to women

In the Rocinha Favela of Rio de Janeiro, our Brazilian team launched the "Na Obra" program ("on construction site") to empower women by providing them with qualification courses in professional workmanship bricklayer, giving them the means to improve their homes as well as to enter the construction labor market.



  • Empowering women of the Rocinha community with qualification courses in professional workmanship bricklayer;
  • Helping women enter the local construction labor market;
  • Giving women the means to improve the comfort, health conditions and safety of their homes.


With its 100,000 inhabitants, Rocinha is the largest favela in the country, located in the city of Rio de Janeiro. Our Brazilian team is developing there an Affordable housing initiative in partnership with NGOs, Brazilian public agencies and universities. It aims to create a social business model adapted to home improvement, as well as training sessions in construction trades, and microcredits.


Within this program , our team developed in 2014  with Inova Urbis, a local social organization, qualification courses in professional workmanship bricklayer, directed to women of all ages (from 18 to 70 years old) and interested in the building industry.


The objective of this training was not only to make women able todevelop their construction skills and thus improve the comfort, health conditions and safety of their homes; but also to enter the local construction market, largely dominated by men so far.


Some of course subjects were cement, grout, concrete, masonry, ceramic and wall coating.


The course had 27 applicants, from which 25 concluded, being24 women and 1 man.


Six months after the end of the course, from the 25 graduates, 3 were employed as a workmanship bricklayer and 15 renovated their own houses (families or friends included) using knowledge from the course. 


Three other women were recently trained so as to act as saleswoman of architecture projects.