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“Our shareholders are at the center of our priorities”.
Bruno Lafont explains.


You have presented an action plan for 2012-2015.
What are its main elements?

"Following the implementation of its new organization, the Group announced its 2012 to 2015 plan which will quickly drive higher returns for our shareholders, significantly strengthen our financial structure, and shows our clear leadership ambition.

Our main growth avenue in the coming years will clearly be to extract maximum value from our current asset positions. During the recent past we have built a balanced portfolio of high quality assets weighted to growth markets. We will penetrate these markets more deeply by addressing the changing needs of customers by introducing new innovative products, new construction solutions, and higher levels of service. Also, through productivity improvements and less intensive capital expenditures, we expect to generate higher returns from these existing positions.

While we anticipate a demanding economic environment, we are confident that the actions we are taking will help drive sales, cash flows and returns."

How do you communicate with your shareholders?

"We have developed a standard set of communication tools, including a shareholders' letter, a guide for individual shareholders, the annual report, regional shareholders' meetings, roadshows, etc. We also organize major events such as the annual shareholders' meeting and meetings with the shareholders' consultative committee.

That said, we want to build even stronger relationships with our shareholders. We want to meet them and contact them more frequently, inform them of important Group announcements in real time and make it easier for them to attend relevant meetings. We hope they will register on our internet site for these services, which are designed with their needs in mind.

The Club reserved exclusively for shareholders is also a unique way of tightening the links which bind us and strengthening our knowledge of one another. Through a range of services and a program of tours and meetings, we will be able to share even more with our shareholders.

I sincerely hope that these efforts will bring us closer to our shareholders."


Last update on July 9, 2015

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Latest financial publications

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