Algeria - Providing water to the neighboring community


Cement / Algeria

Thanks to pipes and water points installed by Lafarge's M'Sila cement plant in a very arid region of Algeria, the local community now has free and easy access to water for domestic and farming uses.



  • Provide local communities with free and direct access to water
  • Strengthen the close ties between the M'Sila plant and the neighboring community


Our M'Sila plant in Algeria has taken action to facilitate access to running water for the surrounding population. This has involved:

  • Installing water pipes from the plant's water reservoirs straight into the center of the local village of Zeghad, where it flows from a fountain, providing drinking water for cattle and sheep.
  • Installing additional taps at other locations close to homes in the village, to provide water for general domestic activities, such as cleaning and laundry.

Zeghad is located around 150 miles east of Algiers, in a region of extreme water scarcity. Village inhabitants previously had no access to running water. They either had to purchase 3,000 liter tanks for 1000 DZ (10 euros), an unaffordable luxury for many people, or cross considerable distances on foot to reach water points.


  • Villagers and their families now enjoy free access to water for both domestic use and farming, through outlets installed close to their homes
  • The good quality of the water supplied by Lafarge has been certified by the Hygiene Inspection Service of the local authorities, from the Wilaya of Bordj-Bou Arreridj
  • Many villagers have planted new gardens, including herb gardens, and various shrubs around their houses.