Aggregates overview

Lafarge is the second-largest aggregates producer and one of the largest quarry operators in the world, offering a wide range of aggregate solutions, from general materials up to the most innovative recycled products. Thanks to our R&D resources, we customize aggregates to fit our customers' needs worldwide notably in emerging markets. Committed to quarry rehabilitation, we utilize our expertise in extraction to carefully manage our aggregates reserves.


* Data combining concrete + aggregates


Details on Lafarge Aggregates Business (2014 annual report) (pdf, 102.52 KB)


Strategic outlook

  • Global market trends
    • The global aggregates market remains highly fragmented due to product weight and transportation difficulties, an expensive and machine-intensive production process as well as many local constraints on new quarry development.
    • The sector is currently undergoing market consolidation, especially in mature markets, and favors independent producers and a few international players like Lafarge.
  • Lafarge strategy
    • As a recognized expert in aggregates production, we aim to consolidate our strengths which include licensing procurement, materials extraction, knowledge and experience in local markets, cost reduction programs, global presence and more.
    • To maintain levels, we actively seek new growth opportunities, particularly in emerging economies, while minimizing our environmental impact, particularly through our pro-active policy of quarry rehabilitation.
    • Managing mineral reserves is a key concern for Lafarge. Today, we enjoy a relatively favorable position with our authorized reserves representing over 40 years of continued operation.
    • Anticipating a potential decline in natural resources, we are the only building materials company to conduct aggregates research on recycled materials and manufactured sands, with an aim to improve industrial processes and the use of quarry materials.

Products, solutions and projects

Aggregates come in a diverse array of shapes and sizes (from sand to riprap used in seawalls). Lafarge offers an extensive range of aggregates products for a number of different uses, from concrete to road and highway surfaces, railway ballast, fill material, beaches, and playgrounds to name a few. These different applications require specific characteristics, in terms of size, color and quality.

At the Lafarge Research Center, we customize our aggregates offer to meet our customers' technical specifications. We are also on the cutting edge of high-quality recycled aggregates development, made using crushed concrete and deconstructed building materials. These will comprise an increasingly significant proportion of future aggregates sales.