Aggneo™ - Recycled aggregates by Lafarge

Aggneo™, our range of high quality aggregates processed from recycled concrete, gives a second life to demolition waste! With a sourcing close to the worksites and the most demanding quality control, our recycled aggregates Aggneo™ offer a high level of performance and use less natural aggregates for civil engineering projects, housing, offices... A key for more sustainable cities!


Aggneo™ is a range of new generation, high-quality recycled aggregates that meets a wide array of needs for sustainable construction in the civil, industrial, commercial and residential segments. By using recycled aggregates, we divert material away from landfills and enable us to save natural aggregates reserves.


Aggneo™'s key benefits are:

  • Quality: Lafarge guarantees the highest standards of consistency, reliability and performance of its recycled aggregates, thanks to rigorous inbound sourcing process management and high frequency testing along Aggneo™'s manufacturing process.
  • Proximity: Lafarge's network of sites and proximity to market offers convenient locations for the disposal of deconstruction materials and sourcing of aggregates. This provides economic advantages by optimizing the supply chain and generates environmental benefits by reducing transportation distances.


Aggneo™ high quality products' allow a large range of applications:

  • Road base and sub-base;
  • Bedding sand;
  • Building foundations;
  • Drainage applications;
  • Aggneo™ can also be used in concrete and for utility trenchesparking areas and driveways.